Saturday, June 10, 2017 – Cousins and Chihuly – Botanical Gardens, NY

Saturday, June 10, 2017 – Cousins and Chihuly – Botanical Gardens, NY

When my cousin, Maureen, posted an article on Facebook about the Chihuly Exhibit being at the Botanical Gardens this Spring/Summer, two things popped into my head. 1. I have never seen a Chihuly Exhibit (I did impress myself in knowing what that was!!) and 2. I have never wandered the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. It wasn’t until the plan to go on June 10th came closer did I realize the 3rd thing was….we, as a groups of related women (and one male!), had never ventured off to do something together! It was a beautiful day….although there were points in time that it could have gone bad!

Maybe that time would have been when:

  1. The guard asked Liz to not sit on the base of the Chihuly display!
  2. Joey (3 year old) was picking the flowers from the lovely flower beds in front of the Chihuly display!
  3. Joey was standing in the middle of a “park” and leaning on the sign that said, “DO NOT WALK ON GRASS”!
  4. Liz got into a heated debate about what constitutes a DISABLED WOMAN with the intellectually limited guard at the Library-based Chihuly exhibit.  I leave it up to you all…should a woman with a 3 year old and a 4 month old in a stroller be allowed to use the elevator vs. be made to juggle the kids and stroller down the 3 flights of stairs? Liz’s argument was that she would surely become disabled should she slip while bringing her family down. It took Len to intervene with Jerry. Len was clearly on Liz’s side!
  5. Joey took the toys from the strangers two-month-old baby’s stroller as the grandparent looked on in horror. The fear of germs is obviously real!
  6. we watched Aunt Pat huff and puff back to the “Family Adventure” area and we paused to let her catch her breath and contemplate the need to call for an ambulance or not!

But the day was beautiful and we strolled around with Leslie, Lisa, Liz and Me….Maureen and Susie and Susie’s son, Ryan….with Aunt Pat, Megan, Joey, and Vivian. Three generations strolling through the gardens and Chihuly displays and riding the Tram around the perimeter of the Botanical Gardens. We walked to see the waterfall, looked for the Beehives that didn’t exist, and took in the beautiful aromas of the Rose Garden. Simply beautiful.

There was not a better way that I could have imagined spending my weekend. I walked along those trails and pavements with cousins who I love, but don’t see often enough. I was with my father’s sister and her daughter and two granddaughters. I was with my two sisters and our dear friend and we were all having a shared experience of seeing  the work of a world reknowned glass blower/sculptor/artist whose creations were part glass and part environment. Absolutely gorgeous!!  I was amazed that we were able to all come together from Washington, DC area, the Catskills of NY, Pelham, NY and Norwalk, CT…….to enjoy a little piece of heaven in The Bronx!!

To top off the day….we took Maureen and Susie to Walter’s Hot Dog Stand! It was another first for them, and an absolute pleasure for us!

What a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Saturday, June 10, 2017 – Cousins and Chihuly – Botanical Gardens, NY

  1. That was wonderful. sounds like you had a Family outing like the Broon’s in
    Glasgow Scotland U.K. ask your mom about them./ Fun.. Fun, Fun.. Love Aunt Ann.


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