Saturday, July 8, 2017 – MATTHEW 11:25-30

Saturday, July 8, 2017 – MATTHEW 11:25-30

Saturday marked the 6th week of being “bindered” for our house that we have been trying to sell for 27 months!! We are so close and yet it felt so far away. Just the night before, our lawyer suggested we write one more final time to him, and then it would be forwarded to the prospective buyers, in order to move in a direction of a closing. We wrote it, hit “send”, and then waited. We were on hour number 23.5 when I suggested to Vinnie that we go to church for one last ditch effort of prayer…..I think I called it begging!!

So we did. We went to St. Thomas in Thomaston and to our surprise Fr. Thomas from St. Casmir in Plymouth was saying the Mass. The three surrounding churches were combined into one parish! I have enjoyed his homilies in the past, but this church is closer to our home, so we typically don’t go to the other church. ANYWAYS…..I was happy!

As I sat there making deals with God (I know we are not supposed to do that, but I do!) and praying that “HIS TIME” would fit into my tight schedule for the summer (I know God’s time is not the same as  OUR time, but my life needs to be scheduled! Hey, I have a lot going on!), and waiting for my cell phone to buzz (I KNOW…it is supposed to be OFF in church, but it was not) with a word from our lawyer, I prayed that the buyer’s would not back out!!

I was pretty preoccupied with my own stuff until Fr. Thomas began to put Matthew Chapter 11 verses 25–30 into prospective and I felt like he was talking only to me (and Vinnie, of course!). He talked about the challenges, questions, and burdens we all have. He acknowledged that we all want to believe that Jesus is with us on the journey, but we often forget that!  And then he offered an explanation of this reading in the context of the Jewish people back in the time it was written for.  I had never heard it explained this way before….”For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.

A yoke ties two creatures together. It is a tool that can not physically work alone. It is a tool or device that actually makes the work easier for both animals when it is functioning in the way it was created for. Together the creatures connected by the yoke actually serve as one. You can not tell which is doing more work than the other and when combined, their work makes the burden lighter. He went on to remind us that Jesus is asking to share the yoke with each of us so that our burdens will feel lighter since he is walking right next to us, sharing the load. Physically, the connection between Jesus and the person sharing the yoke are acting as one force that can not be separated. KIND OF A LOVELY IMAGE!!!!

So….by sitting there, hearing this at the right time and place, my burden in that moment felt a little lighter. I suddenly didn’t feel as alone in the process as I had felt when I first walked into church. I felt like my prayers were being answered in some small way.

Mass continued, then ended, and with the image of Christ sharing a yoke with each of us,  and us being asked to recognize that we never need to carry our burdens alone, we were now asked to go in peace… we did.

As we got into the car, my phone dinged! I looked down and it was a text from our lawyer saying, “Check your email. CHEERS!!”.

Our final offer had been accepted. The buyers were not walking away.

I have to admit heading home from Mass to look at our email, our journey felt a little easier and our burdens a little lighter.

Thank you Fr. Thomas.



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