Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017 – A New Lens Makes A New Experience!

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017 – A New Lens Makes A New Experience!

When I look back on my calendar from August 21st to September 12th, I really have done nothing new. However, each event felt new!

August 21st to August 25th was my “Hell Week”. I always refer to the week before the teachers come back as “Hell Week”. It is the week that EVERYTHING has to get done and everyone wants to squeeze it all in! This was my 19th “Hell Week”, as an administrator, in my 33 year career in education and although it was my second summer in Bridgeport, my anxiety was high as I tried to finalize everything before the teachers came back!  In my fantasy world, I would love to jump over “Hell Week” and over teacher week and right into my “NEW YEARS EVE”…..which was August 30th this year! I love when the kids actually come back and Day ONE is over! My goal is always “no tears on Day 1”. This year’s opening was a success. My butterflies subsided, my anxiety dropped and the students showed up and the teachers welcomed them in. Every year, Day ONE never gets old! Each year it feels new again.

And…into Labor Day weekend I went! Leslie, Liz and I kicked it off with a ride to Aunt Ann’s in the Catskills. I am not sure the 3 of us have ever gone together before this! Leslie and I have gone, and Liz and I have gone…but I believe this was the first time all 3 of us had a slumber party at Aunt Ann’s!! So much fun!

Labor Day ended, but we had September 5th off in the Diocese for our CONVOCATION! I have always had a convocation day until last year! I felt empty without it. So I was excited to hear we were having a convocation. Our superintendent was going to address us all and give us the lay of the land and his vision for the year. As I sat in the audience with the teachers and administrators coming together from across the entire Diocese, it made this “old” experience for me feel “new again”. The very new spin on it was that I had never had a convocation kicked off with a mass celebrated by the Bishop and ending with a blessing for us all! Very nice!

By the time the 40th Oysterfest rolled around, I was 5 days into the school year! For the weekend of Sept 8 – 10th, Vinnie and I were there for every second of it! Vinnie and I have been volunteering in the beer tent for about 10 years now, but now we pour with our friends!! We are on every shift because we have friends on every shift. Volunteering is awesome when you spend your entire weekend with friends! Not a new experience, but then again, every Oysterfest weekend has its own story! This weekend was no exception! Lots of good people pouring cold beer for our “guests” at the “fest”!!

Tuesday, Sept 12th on the surface did not seem like a new experience, but it was! I had been to see Phantom of the Opera just last Spring. On that day, I had been to John’s Pizzaria with 100 8th graders. Later in the Spring I was there with Kevin and Ashley. I have been to NYC with Leslie and Lisa. I have been out to dinner many times with Liz. But tonight, it all came together! Leslie, Lisa, Liz and I were given tickets to see the show thanks to Sr. Lucy! We ended up meeting up with Kevin and he joined us! I love that he is always willing to meet me for dinner when I go to NYC. So at John’s we had a wonderful salad, pizza and a cocktail! I said good bye to Kevin and off we went to the show. I have to be honest, this is not my favorite show, but this time was different! This time I sat in the orchestra seats and I heard every word and saw every detail! It was like a brand new experience!!

The following week continues to be the routine things I do in my life….babysitting my grandson on Saturday, dinner with friends on Sunday, the 4th Annual Michael Ness Golf Dinner on Monday, book club with friends on Tuesday, and Teacher’s College training at my school to finish the week. All these “old” and “routine” pieces of my life continue to force me to look at the nuances that wind through all the little details, the conversations, the people at the table and I have to confess, it is in these pieces that make up the parts of my every day life that makes every day feel “new” again!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017 – A New Lens Makes A New Experience!

  1. Debi, I love this blog and also the other three before this one, in fact I loved all of them, keep writing it keeps me in touch with all of you. Love Mom xoxox



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