Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 – CT Riverboat and Train SWALLOW Tour – Danny’s 50th!

Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 – CT Riverboat and Train SWALLOW Tour – Danny’s 50th!

What started out as a thought “HMMM, I have never done the CT Riverboat/Train ride out of Essex before” ended as “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANNY!!”. Thirteen of us took the ride for the SWALLOW Tour!!  AMAZING….500,000 birds fly out of the marsh at sundown for 15 minutes…then zoom back into the marsh. Boom! It is over!  AND, Boom…so was 50 years for Danny!!

The weather, the sunset, the anticipation of the birds, the sight of the birds, the glory of nature, and friendship and family made the night perfect! We took the 15 minute train ride from Essex to the boat landing. The boat ride was 3 hours and then the train ride back. The weather and sunset were spectacular!

Danny wanted no party… spotlight…no glory for his birthday. Just like Mother Nature’s little birds, Danny wanted to hide from the spotlight and slip back into his own little world!! However, Danny is more like the sunset….beautiful from start to finish, unassuming, stands behind in the backdrop of family and friends, and yet remains one of the most predictably kind, loving and beautiful phenomena known to the planet. Just a perfect, simple, and wonderful way to celebrate Danny’s birthday…thank you Joyce and Fred, Kate and Rob, Scott, Vinnie, Rich, and Beth for joining us four “Keller” girls (Leslie, Lisa, Michelle, and me!!) to celebrate Danny’s 50th and the Swallows on the CT RIVER!!

Happy Birthday, Danny…we love you!



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