Saturday, October 7, 2017 – The Facts of Life vs. The Tracks of Life

Saturday, October 7, 2017 – The Facts of Life vs. The Tracks of Life

The FACTS of life are plenty. Some are well known and some maybe not be so well known. You are born, you live, you work, you  pay taxes and you die. These are facts that are generally agreed upon. But the specific facts that we know  as “facts” have had a myriad of influences along the way, in the making of those “facts”.  You were born on a specific, factual,  date (that may or may not have been your “due date”), you live (any number of life circumstances have gotten you to a certain and specific, factual, address), you work somewhere based on your interests, talents, and location, you pay taxes (the amount is specific and factual based on your income and location), and you die (I believe that that factual date is unknown to you, but your Maker knows exactly when that date is!)…..and that date becomes a fact!!

However, as Vinnie and I walked along the Train Tracks  in Plymouth, CT (still not sure if they are active tracks or not – and neither did the police officer we asked!!) on Saturday, Oct. 7 – almost two weeks after selling our house (FACT!!) we talked about the FACTS of our lives as we know them and talked about the TRACKS of our lives that we don’t know yet. The FACTS grounded us in our past, but it will be the TRACKS that will lead us into the future.

With the sunlight coming through the color-changing trees, the tracks were sunny in some spots and shady in others. The visual beauty in front of us,  kind of reflected our conversation. Some things in our future are “brighter” or “clearer”, while other things are “shaded” still. We know we are going South (FACT), but we don’t know when (on the future TRACKS). We know we still have bills to pay (FACT) and our big house is sold (FACT), but we don’t know where our next home will be and what it will cost to live there (on the TRACKS).  We know where we live and work and who are friends are right now (FACT), but where we live in the future, if we work in the future, who our new friends will be  – as we  keep the “old” ones……all of these things are out there on our tracks of life somewhere!!

The tracks we walked seemed to disappear around a corner until we got close enough, then they teased us again by disappearing around another  bend. Logically, intellectually, we knew the tracks were there, we just couldn’t see where they led us until we got a little closer. They would reveal another little stretch and then tuck away from our view once again. It is how we have lived our lives for the past two and a half years. (OR probably it is how we all live our lives every year!).

We lived in statements of “WHEN the house sells, then we will ______.”. “Once we know what the house sells for, we will ____________.”, “When then new buyers finally sign, we will be able to ____________.” All of our “blanks” were filled in, as if we really knew what we would do, but here we were walking down the train tracks, with the house sold, knowing what it sold for, and with new buyers living in it, and we have new and real “blanks” to fill in. The future tracks of our lives seemed to literally be tracing the train tracks that slipped around the corner until another little bend is revealed and walked.

The FACTS of life are, in fact, the facts. However, it is the TRACKS of life that make up the journey of life. They seem to create the FACTS of life as we journey down them. As we walked for that hour and a half stepping from one railroad tie to another, stepping over the stones that could trip us, and listening carefully for any ringing of the tracks that would indicate a train coming, it was obvious to us that we were grateful for the tracks we have been journeying together on and excited to see what is waiting for us just around the shaded and twisted bend!


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