Friday, Dec. 8, 2017 – Lourdes in Litchfield!

Friday, Dec. 8, 2017 – Lourdes in Litchfield!

The Immaculate Conception has a whole new meaning for me. Of course, I knew Mary was born without sin…part of the big plan for our Faith Journey!  HOWEVER, it also means that it is a day off of school when you work in a Catholic School!

Only twenty minutes from my new home is Lourdes in Litchfield! I have been past it probabably fifty times and every time I go by, I say, “I am going to go there someday”. It is a beautiful grotto-style shrine in honor of Mary! There seemed to be no better day to go to the SHRINE in Litchfield, CT than Dec. 8, 2017.

So, after an open invitation to several folks, 3 friends took me up on the offer and joined me for Mass at the shrine. Mass is said in the grotto at 10:30 every morning, but this morning was cold so Mass was said in a cute little chapel next to the grotto. Before Mass, Barb and I took a quick walk up the hill to see the Stations of the Cross while Lisa and Liz waited below. We all agreed we will have to come back in the Spring for Mass outside in the middle of the gorgeous hills of Litchfield County!

After Mass, we did a little Christmas shopping in the gift store. It was fabulous!! Next year, I might do most of my shopping there!! VERY SWEET!!

Feel free to check out the website….it is such a pretty little corner of this great world!

Barb had to leave right after our little shopping spree, but Lisa, Liz and I had the whole day free…so why not stop at the Hawk Ridge Winery? We thought it was a perfect idea…after all that’s what Jesus would have done on a day off, after Mass, with his friends!!



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