Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 – Grateful for my “Sisters”

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 – Grateful for my “Sisters”

I am blessed with two biological sisters, Leslie and Lisa. I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Through marriage, I have three more sisters, Michelle, Nancy and Jen. I am grateful for each of them!

However, as I have gotten a bit older I have realized that I have a network of “Sisters” who I can’t imagine my life without. This network has grown over time and has connected me and entwined me with women who, although not blood related, have completed my life in so many fulfilling ways.

There are the “sisters” I have had since elementary, middle, and high school who I talk to “every now and again” as if no time has passed between us. We don’t have to explain ourselves, we just accept each other for who we are. There are the the real sisters of those sisters who ride the path of life with us through isolated events and moments of celebration and sadness. Their sisters are my “sisters”.

There are the “sisters” who have helped me raise my children. They sat beside me at PTO meetings that were filled with stupid advice. They sat beside me in my kitchen on rainy Saturdays complaining about the bills that needed to get paid. They sat beside me waiting for parent conferences to be over so we could all go get a glass of wine. With me, they have planned birthday parties for our children, surprise parties for our spouses, and understood when we didn’t want to go to any party with anyone!

There are the “sisters” who come to Rosary once a month to grieve the loss of our faithful “sisters”; the ones we will never see on this earth again, yet their presence sit beside each of us in the cold wooden pews lingering among the Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers and Glory Be’s. They are there in the silent pause after the Rosary ends and before we all say, “Thank you ladies. Have a great month.”

There are the “sisters” at Book Club; some with their own biological sisters and those who have no biological sisters, yet we all share the room with chatter that fills the space and and only gets overridden by laughter. Each of us brings a view of the book that is as diverse and unique as each of our own stories. The connections to our Book Club “sisters” run deep in each of us.

There are the religious “Sisters” who have shared my life, even though I have never attended a Catholic School. These sisters are friends, church friends, and co-workers. Each one of them I look to as a role model and confidant. Each one devoted to the same God I believe in, but in a way that I don’t think I would have ever had the courage or strength to dedicate my life. They are the “sisters” who have lived a very different life than I have and to whom I am so grateful.

There are the friends who are my “sisters” because we have shared so many life experiences with. They have helped me be the mother I am. They have laughed and cried with me. I have travelled to parts of the world with them: Guatemala, Haiti, Spain, China, Ireland, Germany and Italy. They have been to every life event from my Confirmation, my wedding, my children’s Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, and weddings. I have had the privilege to sit beside them at their parents’ wakes and funerals. And have spent many nights sipping wine, drinking vodka, or chugging beer, in celebration of life and all we have accomplished.

I am grateful for my SISTERS of all kinds. The women who I have known, loved, continue to enjoy life with,  and those who have passed on.  And, now it is also my turn to watch my daughters build their network of “sisters” beyond each other and it is a wonderful process to witness. They are on a journey that will take them places they don’t even know exists yet.

Lisa texted our Book Club a great line this Sunday night….”Sisters are like fat thighs; they stick together!” So true! I feel so blessed that each of these women have “stuck with me” (just like my fat thighs!)  through this journey called life. I am blessed to be sharing this lifetime with so many fantastic women.

I am forever grateful for each one of my “sisters”!


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