Wednesday, February 6, 2019 – Grateful for the “SUNRISES”!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 – Grateful for the “SUNRISES”!

My closest friends would describe me as a woman who has more than 300 pictures of sunsets on my camera phone because “The sunset gets better every second and I don’t want to miss the best shot!”; however, for 34 years I have been an educator who has had to be at work between 7am and 7:30am and sunrises are my secret love!

In my first year of  teaching I sat in traffic from Fairfield to Norwalk on I-95 with a rising sun on my back pushing me into the day. For the next 30 years, I rounded the corner at the Ox Ridge Hunt Club with the sun peeking at me over the misty fields on my left hand side; almost waving good morning to me, cheering me on. For one year, as I drove from Norwalk to Bridgeport, the sunrise greeted me with a bright “hello” at the horizon of I-95, just beyond the trucks and McDonald’s rest stop, sliding past my right shoulder over the Long Island Sound.  And now, these past two years, it has ridden alongside my left hand side on Route 8; my partner in crime, helping me decide how my day might go; my contemplative friend and my silent prayer partner.The sunrises have surrounded me, literally, throughout my life.

The sunrises have also surrounded me figuratively throughout my life. On workdays they get up and get ready for their job alongside me, but even on the weekends, I am often awake just to “watch the sunrise”. I feel like it is a greeting from a friend that I happen to miss when I sleep in a little too late. My day is just not the same. For me the sunrise is a decision point about how my day will go. Will it go smoothly, as it peeks over the lake and mountains of my backyard? Or, will it stay unrevealed as the heavy clouds drape their way over it and not allow for a quick hello? I love to guess what kind of a sunrise will be there for me each day.

This morning was the hot pink mingling one with orange highlights whose brilliance can’t quite be captured as intensely on a camera phone as what it reveals to the eye. Other days it is a blue green, almost like the sea, with just a sliver of yellow-orange that separates the sky from the horizon. Yet, on other days, it is muted colors with white wispy clouds slicing through as if the clouds are racing the sun in an unannounced drag race along the highway. I love each one of them.

I believe my sunrises are special because they conjure up memories that come back to my mind in flashes of moments. They summon the camping trips with my family every July and August. They bring back the chilly feeling of the early morning walks to the latrines with the Girl Scout chaperones. They announce my arrival back home after an all night Prom Party event. They bring back the exhausting early morning feedings with my babies when I just wish I could sleep one more hour and yet, now wouldn’t trade those mornings for a million dollars. And they bring a smile when I think back to the morning Kevin had asked to see the sunrise at the beach so with our Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolates and donuts, and a few stray wandering skunks, he watched the sun rise over Calf Pasture beach and I watched his eyes never blink for fear of missing it. The sunrises in my life have brought me countless precious moments.

I will always love the beautiful sunsets I have witnessed at the end of my busy days, but yes, I am truly grateful for the “sunrises” that bless me at the start of each new morning.


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