Monday, March 4, 2019 – Grateful for “SNOW DAYS”

Monday, March 4, 2019 – Grateful for “SNOW DAYS”

After 34 years as a teacher and administrator, I still get excited for that random SNOW DAY! Today is that kind of day.

All weekend long, the tension was building around the weather forecast predictions. Various interpretations of the storm models that were being tracked and weather forecasters were contradicting each other on every channel. As each one was hoping they would have accurate information that they were communicating out to the public, my soul was getting more and more excited by the anticipation of a possible snow day. Right from the start of Sunday morning, the questions circled around Facebook and text messages. Will they call it tonight? Will there be a delay tomorrow or would we get the full day off? Which town would be the first to call it? Would the coast get snow and inner CT not? Or, would inner CT get the 8-10 inches of snow and the coast line get a coating? The possibilities seemed endless!

For 34 years, this anticipation has happened any number of times each winter and the question always loomed almost louder than the weather announcers. Would the current superintendent the guts (or accurate information) to call it! Oh, how I have prayed to the gods over the years to intervene and sway the decision-makers at the top of the educational food chain! “PLEASE, GOD, let him (or her) call it early so I won’t have to set my alarm clock!” This exact prayer was probably the most popular last evening around 7:00pm.

And the call got made! I think the whole state had NO SCHOOL due to a SNOW DAY!

We got the answered prayer!

This morning the alarm clock did not wake me. I woke bright and early to a black and white world laden with heavy crisp white snow. The tree limbs bending under 11 inches of wet snow. Simply beautiful.

And so, I have stripped my bed, washed the sheets, have done another load of laundry, showered and put my PJ’s back on, made myself a nice breakfast, finished the book I was reading for the past week, worked on some needlepoint, and am currently on my 6th consecutive episode of “Friends”, and it is only 11:30am.  Oh, how I love a snow day!

I think I would be “pushing it” a bit, if I started right now to pray for a delay tomorrow!

I know we will have to make up the day in June, but for now, I will relish in the treat of having an unexpected day to lounge around and enjoy the grateful feeling of a snow day!