Hi all

So….for a New Year’s Resolution……you all know I like to do things I can “check off as I go along”.

This year…..is my BODY AND SOUL year…..

 My plan is………By the time I get to 2015, 2014 will be accomplishing a few things…..all having to do with MY body and MY soul!!

 One of those things is to go to a Mass at every one of the Catholic Churches in the Bridgeport Diocese…..there are 83 of them….84 or 85 if you count the “chapels” attached to a couple of them.

I plan to keep you posted from time to time of my “schedule of Masses”. What the heck, it could be interesting! 

In our Bridgeport Diocese there are masses in English, Latin, Polish, Korean, Italian, French/Creole, Spanish, Laotian (?), and Hungarian and a mass that is GREGORIAN CHANT- – – I plan on visiting each of them!! Like I said, it could be interesting!!

 Of course……..who ever comes throughout the year on my travels…..will come to a “concluding Mass”….followed by my very own “wine tasting”!!!!   There is an incentive, huh!!!

Thanks for hearing me out and allowing me to share some of my crazy New Year’s Resolutions with you all!!

 PS – along the journey I will also be learning how to blog. PLEASE bear with me!  I hope you enjoy some light reading as I share my reflections along the way!


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