Tuesday, June 24, 2014 – Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish – Ridgefield, CT

Since St. Elizabeth Seton was only about 5 miles away from St. Mary…and their Mass was at 8:30am, I decided to go there as well. I am glad I did!!
It is always interesting to hear a different homily based on the same reading. This priest did a whole different spin!

He took the position that at the moment John The Baptist was conceived and then born, his mission was laid out for him. The Author of his life, had predetermined the life he was to have and laid out his mission to prepare the coming of Christ for all. John was destined to do great things! He then parlayed the reading with the Responsorial psalm…. “I praise You, for I am wonderfully made”.

The priest challenged us to think of how often we “disapprove of ourselves” or “don’t like something” about ourselves, yet we are quick to see the beauty of God’s work everywhere else around us. If we can see the beauty in the things God has created, and we believe He has created us, then we have to see the beauty in ourselves since we are “wonderfully made” by Him. AND, if we are wonderfully made by Him, then He has created us with a purpose or a mission…..just as He had done with John The Baptist and Jesus!

It was a nice way to spin it all and it made me think of all the pieces that have been put in place for me to be who I am, do what I do, have the children I have, and for me to have met the spouse that was made for me, grow up with my parents and siblings, and have accumulated the good friends I have, and to be put into environments with people I find more challenging. We all are here and interconnected for a reason! Perhaps that reason is to help us grow to our full potential so that our mission, that God intended for each of us, can be fulfilled or perhaps our purpose becomes clearer as we think about how we might influence others as they are fulfilling their mission or purpose!

The actual Mass was said in the chapel of this church. It felt like we were in a tree house looking out through floor to ceiling windows at the treetops and fields below! Beautiful! It wasn’t lost on me that the view out these windows were also “wonderfully made”!