Sunday, April 30, 2017 – Beautycounter MASKS for all!

Sunday, April 30, 2017 – Beautycounter MASKS for all!

I have never been a girlie girl. I don’t wear make up, I hate to shop, and I have a $15.95 “boy style” haircut from Supercuts! I am actually even too lazy for a 20 minute dye job…so my hair is going white for now! So when my friend, Allyson, asked me to host a Beautycounter Product Party, I knew I had to say YES to another first in my life!

Just for the record, I invited 92 people on a Facebook Event invitation, we almost cancelled it, then Allyson and I decided to just go ahead and do it. Allyson arrived and we decided on the dining room. Her products would share the table with the appetizers and wine glasses.

Allyson unpacked her items as we caught up on the news of our family. Ultimately, about 8 friends showed up for the party. Actually, they may have just been there for the glass of wine they were promised in the invitation!  Allyson began with the lipsticks. I had no interest. She continued with the creams and oils. The creams felt smooth on my skin and the scent of the oils was delicious!

Then came the masks. I had never done a mask! She asked if I wanted to do a Charcoal mask or a PLUMPING mask! No choice really for me….my face is plump enough already!!

Pam and Kelly¬†joined me for the Charcoal Mask and Leslie was brave enough to do the Plumping mask. It wasn’t pretty and it felt strange as the mask began to dry. After I washed it off, boy, did my face feel great! For the rest of the afternoon, I kept touching my face to feel how smooth it was. It was so refreshing!

Over the years, I have had every kind of party at my house…Tupperware, Princess House, Candle Light, and Pampered Chef! But never has my face felt so great after my friends left! I was convinced in that moment that I would be buying the mask as one of my half priced “gift” items that I was going to be able to buy as a hostess!

At the end of the day, I had hosted and attended my first Beautycounter party and experience my first mask. My face felt smooth and Leslie…well, she looked no more “plumped” at all! She actually looked fabulous and rejuvenated!

Who would have guessed that I would have enjoyed the Charcoal Mask as much as I did?

Thank you, Allyson! And…thank you Beautycounter!